Students Protest Proposed Cuts to Higher Ed

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University students are rallying against proposed funding cuts.

Governor Tom Corbett is proposing a 20 percent cut for state universities.

That does not make sense to students demonstrating Thursday at Lock Haven University.

Once again, students took to the microphone and rallied against proposed cuts to state funding of higher education.

If the clothes and hair-dos look like they are straight out of the '80s, it's because students said if the governor gets his way it would take state funding levels of higher education back to what they were in 1989.

"I was born in 1989. That's ridiculous. The year I was born they're going to be taking it back," said freshman Skyler Ruf.

By proposing a 20 percent cut to the state school system, Ruf said it is as if Corbett is trying to cut off the future of education.

James Vesey has spoken out before against Corbett's budget proposals and is not sure the governor will listen.

"He says he supports higher education. His actions don't show that," said Vesey.

Students at Lock Haven University billed Tom Corbett as the enemy in this fight and cast themselves as the superheroes. Now they want to take their fight to Harrisburg next week protesting the proposed budget cuts faculty members at Lock Haven said would lead to a nearly 10 percent tuition increase.

"Our voices need to be heard. We may just be students. It's here for us and especially for lower income families who can't afford to send their kids to private school," added Vesey.

"One rally might not seem like a lot, but it's one rally, then another, then another that will break them down and make them think yeah, these people are right," said Ruf.

Next Wednesday, students from Lock Haven University, Shippensburg, Bloomsburg and more will head to Harrisburg for a rally against the proposed cuts.