On the Job Search

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It could be a hint of solid job growth so far this month. People who filed for first time unemployment fell to a four-year low.

Lackawanna and Luzerne counties still have the some of the highest unemployment numbers in the state, but there are jobs. Forty employers looking for workers participated in a job fair Thursday in Luzerne County.

Jane Davison of Berwick recently graduated with a degree and was at the job fair sponsored by the Greater Hazleton Area Chamber of Commerce. She said sometimes spending the money on higher education doesn't guarantee a job.

"If you want to be a laborer you're pretty much set but if business administrative it's really hard to get into business administrative," Davison said.

Officials of the McCann School of Business and Technology said job competition is hot.

"You have people with a lot of experience losing their jobs and we have students coming out without a lot of experience, just an internship out there and having to compete," said Bill Burke of McCann School of Business and Technology.

Some business leaders said the economy has not hurt them, including the company that makes Dial products.

"The economy is doing good. People are buying our product, our sales are good for us. We really haven't seen much on our business with the economy," said Cory Hunsinger of Hinkle Inc.

Others who sell auto parts said the shaky economy is good for their business.

"When the economy is good, business is good but when the economy is bad business is better. People can't afford new cars so they have a tendency to drive their older cars longer and that's good for the aftermarket auto parts business," said Skip Leatherwood of Auto Zone.