Vandalism in Turbotville

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How would you like to walk out to your car in the morning and see it covered with spray paint?

Someone spray painted black paint on several vehicles in Turbotville overnight and the owners in Northumberland County are quite upset.

Those families live along the 200 block of main Street in Turbotville.

Nancy Koch and her boyfriend, Moses Vanwhy, said they live in a quiet neighborhood in Turbotville. Their opinions changed when state police knocked on their door at 1:30 a.m.

"The neighbor's daughter came home and discovered the garage and all our cars had been spray painted," said Nancy Koch.

Someone spray painted a garage and seven vehicles that were parked in a lot just off Main Street. In addition to the black paint on her gold car, Donna McCollin noticed one of her tires was flat.

"I didn't notice it til I came outside this morning to do some running around. Then I saw my car and was like, why? Why would somebody do that?" asked Donna McCollin.

Neighbors said a motion censored light that sits outside the garage was vandalized. They tell Newswatch 16 when they came outside Tuesday morning, the light was unscrewed.

"We said something about the cops getting fingerprints off of it. Hopefully they find out who it was from that," said Moses Vanwhy.

Some of the neighbors tried to clean off their vehicles as soon as they saw them. McCollin said she's not looking forward to having her car re-painted.

"A very big pain. I already called my insurance company to file my claim. Now i must wait to see how much it is to have it all done," McCollin added.

Nancy Koch calls the vandalism unsettling for her normally peaceful neighborhood.

"It's very quiet here and pleasant. We like it here. It's sad. Nothing I would have expected," Koch said.

"Whoever did it they need to grow up. It was pure ignorance, a childish act," said Vanwhy.

"Whoever done it needs to grow up. Very childish. They need to be punished," added McCollin.

State police did not say if they have any suspects.  All of the people Newswatch 16 spoke to say they will press charges once someone is arrested.