Stroudsburg to Host Little League State Tourney

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A little league in Monroe County which was the target of arsonists is now celebrating a big win.

The fields at Stroudsburg Little League will be make history in July. For the first time in its 60 year history Stroudsburg Little League will host the state little league tournament.

"This is an exciting thing for the community, the county, it's just great," said Stroudsburg Little League President Jerry Robertson.

For 11-year-old little league player Owen Christy it's also exciting. He's been playing little league ball for four years.

"It's exciting because hopefully you'll get to see a team that plays in the World Series play in your own little league field," Christy said.

There are 32 little league districts in Pennsylvania. The winner of each district moves on to compete within the state's eight sections.

Then those eight winning teams battle in the state tournament which will be held held on the Stroudsburg Little League's fields.

A series of games will be played there the entire last week of July.

"I'm looking forward to it a lot because then you can walk to the little league field and watch a state tournament game," Christy added.

The announcement comes at a great time for the Stroudsburg Little League which recently faced a major hardship.

Last April the little league field house, which was under construction, was set on fire. Five people were charged with arson.

Construction on the new field house started in July of last year. Now, eight months later, it's almost done and will be in full operation this July for the state tournament.

Another feature will be one of many safeguards put in place, security cameras to deter any vandalism from happening again.

"It's been a roller coaster, but it's been a nice ride now," Robertson added.

The state tournament at the Stroudsburg Little League fields near Stroudsburg starts Sunday, July 22.

The tournament is expected to draw thousands to the area, which will also means a boost for the local economy.