Lupas Found in Plains Township Home

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The attorney in Luzerne County who is being blamed for swindling tens of thousands of dollars from investors has been found.

Attorney Anthony Lupas was no where to be found after a civil lawsuit was filed against him on behalf of some of those investors until Wednesday.

Newswatch 16 went to Tony Lupas' apartment in Plains Township, knocked on his door, and the man many people have been looking for for weeks answered the door for us.

Lupas was asked him about the alleged scheme.

"Well, everything will be answered, will be answered as time goes on," Lupas said, "as things develop. That's all I can tell you right now. You'll have to talk to my attorneys."

Then Lupas shut the door.

Earlier this month, an attorney representing dozens of people filed a lawsuit against Lupas claiming they invested their life savings, trusting his word that he would make them money, but according to that civil suit filed against him, there was no investing. The money is nowhere to be found.

Attorney Ernie Preate represents those dozen potential victims. Newswatch 16 showed him our exchange with Lupas.

"This is a significant development, you unearthing him. He's been sought by authorities now for almost two weeks and so congratulations to you guys," Preate said.

According to Preate, the number of potential victims could be as high as 80. The amount of money involved possibly in the tens of millions of dollars, with the scheme potentially dating back to the late 1960s.

Preate told the Luzerne County sheriff`s office about our encounter, and a short time later deputies tried to serve Lupas the civil suit papers. He either wasn't home or didn't answer the door.

The deputies returned about an hour and a half later. Again, to no avail.

Attorney Preate said a federal investigation continues and there could even be more victims out there.

"They are not wealthy people. They are plain folk. They've lost everything. Their retirement. He said this will be the annuity for you for the rest of your life. Now they have nothing.  Absolutely nothing," Preate added.

The sheriff's deputies said they will keep trying to serve the papers to Lupas.

As of now, no criminal charges have been filed against him.