Lawnmower Businesses Busy

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Many people are hoping the unseasonably warm weather we have been having will stick around.

People in Schuylkill County are getting a jump start on outdoor chores.

Ron Winrich of Lehighton is looking for a new riding mower. The warm and unseasonable temperatures pushed him into action.

"I came in a little bit earlier because the weather is going to have the grass grow and before everybody starts buying things I want to try and get ahead of the schedule a little bit," Winrich said.

Tood Miller was busy servicing a long line of lawnmowers at M and S Hardware.

"We have already seen an increase in mowers coming in and also people coming in inquiring about purchasing mowers and things like that. I would say we are about three weeks ahead of schedule," Miller said.

In Pottsville lawn and riding mowers are unloaded at Centre Street Hardare. They are getting tuned up and ready for their owners.

"Phones ringing all the time. We're picking stuff up delivering stuff all the time. People are really moving early here," said Jason Brown.

Experts said getting that tune up is important.

"The mowers are air cooled so they take a lot of heat so you have to get that oil changed and a good spark plug in them and have the air filter cleaned. The better you take care of the machine the better it's going to take of you," Brown added.

Business owners said business is booming when it comes to lawnmowers but business was down when it comes to snow throwers because of the lack of snow this season.