Unseasonable Weather Could Affect Crops

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Temperatures Tuesday were in the 70s and all this nice weather has some farmers concerned that a freeze could damage their crops.

Jim Wolk, a tree grower from Sugarloaf, worries about the 50 species of trees he grows on a thousand acres of land.

His concern is the unseasonably mild weather and what it may mean.

"We may have more bugs this year because we didn't have the have the hard freeze, so we're going to have to keep an eye on the ground and the bugs coming out. There might be more spraying on the trees this year," said Wolk.

His concerns are more than just bugs.

Some of the trees are beginning to form buds because of the warm temperatures. A freeze could cripple the crop.

"It could freeze the buds on the trees. It could damage the trees and they wouldn't be sellable, we wouldn't be able to sell them until they recover, if they do recover," Wolk said.

At nearby Heller Orchards near Nescopeck they grow trees and sell the fruit the trees produce.

The Hellers are also concerned what a freeze would do to their crop.

"The idea is to promote new growth all the time. Our fruit trees think its April first. We have a ways to go before we are in safe conditions as far as temperature wise goes, night time temperatures," Heller said.

Greg Heller said his concerns are shared by fruit and tree growers all over our area.