Thieves Hit Again in Susquehanna County

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There has been another business targeted by burglars in Susquehanna County, the fourth in a week.

This time the thieves shattered the front door of a grocery store then stole thousands of dollars in cigarettes and some money.

The latest burglary in Susquehanna County happened overnight at a family- owned grocery store near Montrose.

The four burglaries in the last week are all similar, but this time thieves stole a lot more than the places hit last week.

The burglary early Tuesday morning was at Robinson's South Town Market in South Montrose.

That's not far from three break-ins in one night last week. They happened in nearby Lawton, Elk Lake and Springville. All four burglaries were in a rural area.

During the latest burglary in Susquehanna County, police said burglars went right through the front door at Robinson's South Town Market and by "through" the front door they really mean through it.

Those who run the place said burglars used a chunk of concrete to smash the window.

"It's silly. It's just discouraging. You try to do a decent job in business and you end up with something like this," said owner William Robinson. He has had the market for decades. Thieves swiped more than $4,000 worth of cigarettes and some drawers of change.

Robinson has had the store 37 years, but hasn't seen a lot of trouble in all those years. "No no, hardly any to speak of. This is the worst," he said.

Just last week police said burglars hit BB's Country Corral Cafe in Lawton. They targeted the Elk Lake Store in Elk Lake and they broke into Checkered Express in Springville, all in the same rural area, all shocking to the owners.

"When you lock the door at night you go home you figure everything's fine and you're called in the middle of the night and whatever you find it's always scary," Robinson added.

He said when the burglars got away they left a trail of cigarettes. At one of the burglaries last week, thieves left a trail of change.

"There's just a lot of desperate people out there. A lot of people having a hard time," said Robinson.

Newswatch 16 told regular customer Laura Swetter about the latest break-in at Robinson's.

"It's just pretty quiet, you don't hear about that stuff. You expect it back in the big cities, bigger towns. It's kind of scary, it really is," Swetter said.

"Whatever, we'll get through it, but it's discouraging," Robinson said.

Anyone with information about any of the break-ins is asked to call 911 in Susquehanna County.