Mobile Home Residents Forced to Move

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Dozens of mobile home residents in Lycoming County have to move.

The village where they live has been sold to a company that plans to use the property along the river to supply water to the gas industry.

The mobile home village is located along the Susquehanna River near Jersey Shore, prime real estate for the new owners Aqua - PVR Water Resources.

The company initially gave residents until May 1 to move out or face eviction.

Now, a company spokesperson said the deadline has been extended to June 1 but residents still cannot help but feel jilted.

Doris Fravel's has been in her mobile home for nearly four decades. Family photos and keepsakes on the walls of her place will have to be packed up after Fravel and her neighbors were told earlier this month they will have to move.

"It's devastating, this was my life for 38 years and they done this to us," said Fravel.

The folks who live at Riverdale Mobile Home Village got letters a couple weeks ago which said the new owners would make it worth their while to move out sooner, than later.

Fred Kinley is 80 years old and wonders what he is going to do now. The new owners plan to build a pipeline, and pump water from the Susquehanna River to nearby natural gas wells. Those plans do not include letting Kinley and his neighbors stay.

"I'm just heartbroken is all. I don't know what's going to come out of all this. Well I know we're all going to move," said Kinley.

Fravel wishes she could stay but is busy packing her things while looking for a new home before the company's June deadline. That is when a company spokesperson said any residents left will be evicted.

If the residents leave before June 1sthey will receive $2,500.

Some of those residents said that won't even cover the cost of having their homes moved to a new location.