Spring-like Skiing at Elk Mountain

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Spring may be in the air, but snow is still on the slopes at Elk Mountain in Susquehanna County and so are skiers and snowboarders.

It is the only Pennsylvania mountain still open for mid-week skiing.

"Oh it's beautiful and then feels like we could go to the beach tomorrow. It's 70 degrees out. It's beautiful," said Bobby Smith of Blakely. He went boarding by our camera wearing short sleeves. He and his wife, April, love not having to be bundled up. "Exactly! I'll take this every day."

"You hope you don't fall though, because your skin will scrape right off," said April Smith.

Conditions aren't perfect. You do have to watch out for patches of grass or mud, but this is skiing on a 70 degree day.

"A little slushy but it's skiable so it's good," said John Wick of Stroudsburg. He was skiing in shorts. "Gotta like that. Can't fall though. I'm good."

"It's good. I like it because it's warm," said Mariah Nell of New Jersey.

She was promised a dad and daughter only ski trip, but after weeks of warmth her dad struggled finding a place to go. "Me and my dad are on a family trip without my brother. I want it to be just me and him because I always have to go on the little hills with my brother."

"Push comes to shove and here we are it's March and calling around to find out who's open and we had a three and a half hour ride to get up here and we're having a blast," said Scott Nell.

Another visitor from New Jersey was Melissa Lansey. It's her first time at Elk. She too just wanted somewhere to ski. She was thrilled seeing half the trails there are still open, but she's one of the people on the slopes not so happy with this early spring.

"I wish it was a little colder unfortunately. People probably hate me for that," Lansey said.

Elk Mountain will continue to be open as long as it can.

Another resort in our area, Big Boulder said it plans to reopen for skiing this weekend.

For both resorts, check their websites or call to make sure.