Pocono Raceway Track Under Construction

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Usually at Pocono Raceway, race cars are zipping around the track, but for the next couple of weeks a different group of vehicles will be seen making the turns.

Construction vehicles are in the final stretch in upgrading the Pocono Raceway track.

Crews are laying down the second to final layer of asphalt to create a brand new track that's expected to last 30 years.

"We're really pleased with this and we think the speeds this year are really going to climb," said George Ewald of Pocono Raceway.

It's a much-needed project and construction is expected to last for another three weeks.

The prior track was ripped up in the fall after 15 years of hard use.

The weather has been in the raceway's favor, allowing crews to get a jump start on revamping the track in the fall and now in the spring.

"Usually we'd probably have the snow on the track here now and we'd have the frost on the track. If you would have the frost on the track, you couldn't pave," said Ewald.

Of course the crews at the racetrack believe someone is behind the good weather.

"Dr. Mattioli is watching this job. I guarantee it," said Ewald.

The construction project is three weeks ahead of schedule and must be complete but the end of April because representatives from Goodyear Tires will test their tires on this track and determine what tires the drivers should use.

NASCAR gets underway in the Poconos the second weekend in June.