Jury Selection Beings in Double Murder Trial

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It could take all week to select a jury for a murder trial in Monroe County.

Michael Parrish is charged with killing his girlfriend and their son in 2009.

So far only three jurors have been selected in day one of jury selection for the double murder trial.

Parrish could also be facing the death penalty, prosecutors said, after shooting to death his girlfriend and son three years ago,

Parrish had a hard stare as he walked past reporters and photographers and into the Monroe County Courthouse. He said nothing and didn't acknowledge anyone.

Monday was the first day of jury selection and court officials said about 250 prospective jurors reported to the courthouse in Stroudsburg.

Sixteen jurors will be selected, 12 jurors and four alternates to hear the case.

Parrish is facing two counts of murder.

Police said he shot and killed his girlfriend, 21-year-old Victoria Adams, and their 18-month-old son, Sidney, in July, 2009.

Police said that night Victoria Adams was celebrating her mother`s birthday at a Poconos resort.

Parrish tried calling Adams and when she didn't pick up, police said, Parrish believed she was cheating on him.

When Adams got home to their apartment in Effort, police said Parrish shot her and their son, Sidney, out of a jealous rage until all the bullets ran out.

The defense agrees Parrish did kill Adams and their son, but it was not premeditated.

This case has had many legal twists.

Two years ago Parrish tried to plead guilty, but the judge rejected his plea after Parrish described the murder.

Months later Parrish pleaded guilty again and it was accepted.

Last September Parrish withdrew his guilty plea and decided he wanted a trial.

Prosecutors are going for the death penalty in the double murder trial.

Jury selection continues Tuesday and is expected to take all week.

The judge said the trial will likely start next week.