West Point Van Crash Under Investigation

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A crash in Luzerne County that injured eight West Point cadets Thursday night is under investigation.

State police are asking for help in finding the driver who caused the crash on Interstate 80 near Sugarloaf.

A van carrying nine members of the West Point boxing team crashed after someone illegally used a crossover linking the eastbound and westbound lanes of the interstate, according to troopers.

State Trooper CPL Sandy DeAndrea said the West Point driver swerved to avoid the car and crashed. "Is it worth saving a few minutes cutting through the crossover where you could face killing someone or you yourself being killed rather than going to the next exit and turning around and come back in the other direction?" asked Coporal DeAndrea.

She added the crash could have been a lot worse. DeAndrea explained the cadets were traveling in the westbound lane of Interstate 80, rolled their van and ended up in the opposite lane of travel.

"One of the young men told me when they rolled into the eastbound lane there was a tractor trailer coming up on them and avoided hitting them," DeAndrea added.

The members of the West Point boxing team were on their way to State College to compete when the careless driver turned their world upside down. Eight of the nine boxers were hurt and hospitalized.

Danielle Onfrak said she sees drivers using the illegal crossovers all the time. "We've seen people use them in front of us, behind us, all the time, but there is not cops around at the time so they get away with it," Onfrak said.

Bob Wardlaw  of Michigan admits breaking the law when it comes to crossovers. "I know I probably did that in my lifetime, yes and I know it's illegal," Wardlaw said.

State police are asking the driver who caused this crash to come forward and are asking anyone who has information about the incident to give them a call.