Stocking for Trout Season

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Streams and creeks all across northeastern and central Pennsylvania are being stocked for trout season.

The first day of trout season is March 31 for Schuylkill County and the Lehigh Valley and April 14 for the rest of the state.

Lisa Stubbs and her sons, Joshua and Nicholas, are gearing up for the first day of trout season. The family spent their morning pouring buckets of trout into Little Muncy Creek near Hughesville.

"We just brought the kids out today. We come out routinely and help them stock the trout. We take the kids fishing on the first day of trout season and they love it," said Stubbs.

About a dozen volunteers followed the state's Fish and Boat Commission as they stocked the creek with trout.

Ed Zack said he looks forward to this every year.

"Well it really wasn't a cold hard winter, but usually after a cold hard winter it's a nice day to come out and get fresh air," said Zack.

"Usually when we have in-season stocking, that's when water temperatures would come into play with the temperature and stream levels, whether they're running low," said Officer Emmett Kyler of the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

There are 13 streams being stocked in Lycoming County. Officer Kyler said if folks are caught fishing before April 14, they will be penalized.

"They're subject to citations. All trout waters are closed from March 1 until 8 a.m. on April 14," said Officer Kyler.

With a little less than one month to go, people said they are ready to relax by the creek and go fish.

"That week I'm taking a whole week off and coming here to go fish. So I'm excited about the first day of trout season," said Zack.