Feral Cats Roaming Northumberland

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Some people in Northumberland are upset about what they call a feral cat problem.

Borough council members think they may have come up with a solution.

Gary Click's children like to play in the yard of his home in Northumberland, but he said recently that has become difficult due to a feral cat problem in the borough.

"You can't go out in the yard. There's cat feces in the yard. When it gets warmer now, the smell from the cats," said Click.

Northumberland council is taking steps to manage the feral cat issue. Recently council held a meeting to propose a cat ordinance for the borough.

"What they're trying to do is have people's input as to what is the best way to contain the feral and stray cats roaming the neighborhood and causing a health hazard," said Mayor Len Zborey.

He added the purpose of the cat ordinance would be to reduce the health hazards for the people who live in the borough.

"Our main goal is to protect our residents and our children. They come first," said Mayor Zborey.

The proposed ordinance could require cat owners to license their pets and put them on leashes outside. It also suggests the "TNR" method, trap, neuter, release.

"Trap them, spay or neuter them, release them, give them their shots, ear tip them," said Linda Williard of Sun Pets, a low-cost spay/neuter organization based in Union County.

Mayor Zborey said he doesn't know how the trap/neuter/release program would be paid for because it's still in the beginning stages.

Williard said Sun Pets may step in to help. The mayor said he would like to see the cat ordinance in place by May.