Hearing In Sandusky Case

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The start of the sex abuse trial for former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is still more than two months away, but the prosecution and Sandusky’s attorneys are set to be back in court Monday in Centre County.

This hearing was scheduled last week at the request of Sandusky’s lawyer.

The hearing will help determine just how much information the prosecution has to give the defense before the trial.

The defense wants more details about the allegations made against the former coach. They are attempting to build a stronger defense, based on possible alibis for Sandusky at the times of the alleged abuse.

Last month the judge ruled in favor of Jerry Sandusky, loosening his bail restrictions so that he could assist in his defense.

Last month’s ruling also allows Sandusky to visit with his grandchildren and have other guests at his Centre County home.

Jerry Sandusky faces more than 50 counts of child sex abuse against 10 boys over a 15-year period.

Sandusky’s attorney said that his client will not be at the hearing.

Jury selection for the trial is set to begin on May 14.