Getting a Jump on Spring Planting, Cleaning

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Even though spring is still officially a week away, this warm weather has people out and about buying lawn care products and equipment to get a head start on their yards.

With all the warm weather we have been having this winter, the lawn and garden center at Lowes in Bartonsville was able to get a jump start on preparing for spring.

Plant specialist Bonnie Duvo said an early spring is good for business.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely picking up, in winter time it's slow but now everybody's getting spring fever to get outside, you know," said Duvo.

She added the first step to getting your yard ready is cleaning it up and that's exactly what John Harrigan of Stroudsburg is planning to do.

"It's spring time, it's time to clean up, and clean up the house," said Harrigan.

While he was buying sand and bricks to fix up his patio in Stroudsburg, Steve Sheptak was also looking for a solution to do some outside cleaning.

"Well it's warm weather all week so I thought I'd get a head start cleaning my vinyl siding and they have a nice product that you hook up to the hose, spray it on let it set for a while, wash it off so it'll give me an early start on getting some of my spring projects done," said Sheptak.

Flowers and plants are also getting an early start at Lowes.

This time last year these daffodils and tulips were covered up because it was so cold and there was snow on the ground. This year they can uncover them because there is plenty of sunshine and warm weather.

"It's supposed to be in the 60s all week so it's kind of perfect to get a jump start on stuff like this," Sheptak added.

It does look like the warm weather will be sticking with us all week, along with some showers to help the new plants people are putting in the ground.