Councilman Charged with Assault

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A Dupont councilman faces assault charges and it’s all because of what happened at his house over the weekend.

Current Dupont councilman Brian Nesgoda could miss the next Dupont borough council meeting because he is behind bars.

The people of Dupont elected Nesgoda, 36, in November, and he began his term in January.

Now the councilman is accused of beating up his wife and threatening to kill her after an incident at their home on Main Street over the weekend.

Nesgoda is charged with aggravated assault.

His name tag remains in council chambers and as of now he is still a council member.

“Council is aware of the situation like everyone else in the community. We have to wait and see what actions are taken by the court if he is found guilty or not guilty,” said council vice president Mark Kowalczyk.

According to court papers, Brian Nesgoda’s wife told police the two were arguing downstairs. He kicked her into the oven door. She went upstairs to the bathroom to tend to a cut on her forehead. Nesgoda followed her, kicked her again, knocking her legs out from underneath her. She hit her head on the medicine cabinet. She went back downstairs. Nesgoda was there with a loaded rifle and threatened to kill her.

“Appropriate actions will be taken by council if need be, but like everyone else is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We need to follow those standards as well,” added Kowalczyk.

Nesgoda’s bail is set at $100,000. The next borough council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday.