Wilkes Barre Goes Green

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The Saint Patrick's Day pride could be felt in downtown Wilkes-Barre Sunday afternoon.

Thousands filled the streets and businesses all in the spirit of the Irish.

Many lined the streets to watch all sorts of Irish-inspired costumes strut their stuff throughout the parade route.

"The excitement, the people, the floats. It's just a great day to be out and today is just a gorgeous day," said Joann Kozicki of Ashley.

"I'm Irish and the weather, I guess," said Gene Bly of Hanover Township.

Other highlights of the parade included dancers, bands and of course the Philly Phanatic, which matched the green scenery.

People brought out chairs to watch the parade and also some blankets, but there was one group that piled dozens into an RV.

"Lot of good friends come down every year to hang out with us to watch the parade. It's awesome. The weather, you can't beat it," said Jim DiMirco of Wilkes-Barre Township.

Many people could be found inside local businesses providing a great economic boost.

"It brings a lot of people into the downtown and they go to the businesses and it's wonderful for everybody," said Lore Majikes, the Events Coordinator for the City of Wilkes-Barre.

"We saw a few nice prints in the window and thought we'd come in and look around," said Bob Koval of Drums, who said he is coming back to shop.

That's exactly what local artist Sonny Jones is hoping for on parade day. His artwork is sold inside the "Art Seen" local artist store, along with 50 other artists and their work.

"I think just the exposure. People come in and see the art and maybe they'll come back," said Sonny Jones, who creates woodwork.

The owner for Bert and Urby's bar on South Main Street praises the parade for the enormous amount of customers it draws.

"It pretty much is like having one month put into one day. Just exposure, it just brings a whole new mixture of people," said Brian Urbanas.

It was a mixture of people with one thing in common. They're all Irish for the day.