Parade Day Packs Thousands, Boosts Local Businesses

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Scranton turned into the third largest city in Pennsylvania Saturday, as thousands turned out for the annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade and celebration.

The parade not only brings out everyone's Irish spirit, but also provides a solid economic boost for mom and pop shops in the Electric City.

A sea of thousands, many dressed in green, lined the streets in downtown Scranton to take in all the sights, sounds and traditions that make up Scanton's annual Parade Day.

For mom and pop shops, like Nickie's Fabulous Hoagies, Parade Day gives them a reason to open on a weekend.

"For us to open on a Saturday, that tells you something. It's the best day of the year, honest to God," said Colby Parry of Nickie's Fabulous Hoagies.

Parade Day also gives boosts to non-profits, like Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, that is selling baked goods to pay for a furnace.

"300 dozen Welsh cookies, over 200 hot dogs. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year. We'd be lost without the Saint Patrick's Parade," said Rick Ammenhauser of Saint Luke's Episcopal Church.

"The amount of people who come to town is amazing, it's by far the best day of the year," said Giovanni Piccolino, co-owner of Buona Pizza.

While Parade Day brings in the "dough", workers at Buona Pizza look forward to seeing their customers.

"Scranton's one of a kind, you see lots of creatures here on Parade Day," said Piccolino.

"I'm just promoting Saint Patrick's Day and having fun with the kids," said Paul Noone of Scranton, who was walking around Scranton on stilts.

Some other creatures we found were strolling on all fours. Several rescue dogs were seen strutting their stuff in the parade in costume.

Speaking of costumes, we also found many wearing all sorts of green, white and orange ensembles.

"I love beads. I don't know, it's Parade Day. If you're not here dressed up, why are you here, ya know?" said James Carroll of Duryea.

"Every year I add something to it, this year, a new shirt," said Michael Badyrka of Scranton, who has been going to the parade for nearly 40 years.

Crowds stayed late into the night in downtown Scranton, celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.

The Scranton Police Department was out in full force making sure the day went smoothly.