Worshipers Needed to Save Flooded Church

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A church in West Nanticoke, damaged by the September floods, may never fully reopen unless more people show up to services on Sundays.

Repairs have stopped at Calvary United Methodist Church in West Nanticoke.

It's the last church left in that flood-ravaged area in Plymouth Township.

Now church members fear they will also have to move out if more people don't start showing up at services.

Six months ago the only way to get to West Nanticoke was by boat or by air.

Right in the middle of the devastation was Calvary United Methodist Church.

Crews were repairing the church but that stopped a few weeks back. Work is on hold until the future of the church is known.

"We are going to lose it if we don't get more people to start coming," said church member Christiane Fox.

The church is open, but officials who oversee Methodist churches in the area told churchgoers it could close if more worshipers don't start showing up.

"We are here, we are open. That is our goal. We want people to come in and let them know we want them to come here. It is a very nice little church and we're open," Fox added.

For now members of Calvary United Methodist Church have been holding their Sunday services in a small room but they really want to get back into the main sanctuary.

"It's small. It's very small. Any little noise the kids make you can hear it. Nobody minds about the children but it's just small," Fox said.

Last September, the main sanctuary took on two and a half feet of water, but church secretary Beverly Vietz said the church is worth preserving.

"Just looking around you just hate to give up something so pretty and we hope we can get it back together," Vietz said.

Officials who run the church will be monitoring how many people show up to services over the next few weeks, and then they will decide if the church closes or stays open.