Remembering a Lost Child with Matthew’s Park

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A family, struck by tragedy years ago, is building a park in hopes of helping families make memories.

High atop a hill outside Williamsport at the Lycoming Christian Church a playground is taking shape.  Someday soon it will be Matthew's Park.

In the meantime, Alan Brooks and his family are doing all they can to make the place come to life for his late son, Matthew.

"Matt, he meant the world to me. When we lost him we wanted to do something that will carry on his memory," said Alan Brooks.

Seven years ago two-year-old Matthew passed away, a choking victim, leaving his family grief stricken.

"He loved to go to the parks, loved to play in the sandbox. That was his favorite thing to do," Brooks added.

The Lycoming Christian Church donated the land and the Brooks family donated a play set. Much more is in the works for Matthew's Park.

"We always wanted to do something that would keep his memory alive. This park is a way to bring families in here, play with their kids," said Matthew's grandfather, Larry Brooks.

The focus now is on raising around $100,000 for equipment and the park will grow as more donations come in.

For Alan Brooks, all he wants is to help families create memories, saying you never know what the future holds for loved ones in your life.

"You wish there was more, doing something like this you're hoping other families can benefit from it too," said Alan Brooks.

Once the playground portion of Matthew's Park is up and running, Matthew's father said, anyone is welcome to come out and enjoy time with families so they can make lasting memories of their own.