Priest Thanks Parishioners After Fire Destroys Rectory

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A special service was held at a church in Nanticoke where on Sunday, a fire destroyed the priest's home just next door.

Bishop Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America joined in at a special service at Saint John the Baptist Church in Nanticoke on Wednesday.

On Sunday flames destroyed the rectory which was the home of Father Adam Sexton, his wife, and his eight children.

The bishop told parishioners the church will support Father Sexton while his family recovers from Sunday's fire.

"For Orthodox Christians it`s not an obstacle it`s the reality but it`s a difficult reality to face these things, and we turn to Christ where we can find that hope and consolation," said Bishop Tikhon.

"I could tell by the flames this was a very awful basement fire and basement fires people know are lethel and had we been asleep we would have all been dead. Thank God we were not asleep and all praying here instead," said Fr. Sexton.

Even though Father Sexton watched his home go up in flames, he watched his possessions burn, he never thought twice about stopping the liturgy. That`s because he knew his family and all his parishioners were all safe inside the church.

"I felt an enormous peace when I saw the smoke was pouring from the rectory but a deep concern for each and every one of them because they would be hitting it hard," added Father Sexton.

"Anytime we get any type of spiritual intervention it does help but we are humble people and we are doing what comes naturally what we are trained to do," said Nanticoke volunteer firefighter John Opachinski.

The Nanticoke Volunteer firefighters announced Wednesday they will be donating all of the proceeds from their annual breakfast in April to the Sexton family. Father Sexton is also the chaplain of the Nanticoke Volunteer Fire Department.