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Bloomsburg Fair Ticket Prices Increased

The Bloomsburg Fair is a highlight for many people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania, but now fair goers will have to dig deeper into their wallets if they want to go.

Ticket prices have gone up for 2012.

Work is being done at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds to get ready for the 2012 fair.  The fairgrounds were hit hard by the September flood and last year’s far was canceled.

“Water from the Fishing Creek and then the river tore everything up,” said fair association president Paul Reichart.

The fairgrounds had more than $2 million in damage from the flood.

Reichart said the board had no choice but to raise ticket prices.

“When you have a loan of $1.4 million and you’ve used $600,000 from the vendors, there is no other alternative than to increase admission fees,” Reichart added.

Instead of five dollars, fair goers will pay eight dollars to get in. Parking will still be five dollars.

Some people aren’t happy about the new ticket prices.

“It makes it hard with the economy the way it is. It’s taking away enjoyment that local people can have,” said Victoria Jones of Mifflinville.

There are ways you can avoid paying the new gate prices. Reichart said a new ticket package has been announced for 2012.  For $48 you get eight tickets.  That works out to six dollars each. They are also seven dollars each if you buy the tickets at select Giant Food stores.

“The fair is a once a year event. It’s a big thing and my boys enjoy it.  It’s something I’ll do. I will sacrifice something else, but it will be worth it,” said Eric Hewrelack of Bloomsburg.

Ticket prices at the Bloomsburg Fair were raised by one dollar in 2009.  This year marks the first time prices have gone up since then.

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