Three Accused in Alleged Burglary Ring

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Three people are charged with an organized burglary scheme. Police said it spanned three counties and caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Police also said there could be more victims out there.

After months of investigating, police in Rush Township finally have a break in the case. They said they busted a burglary ring that reached three counties.

Investigators said Frederick Postie, Stephanie Keck and Kerry Frank are responsible for at least 20 burglaries since September, 2011 in Schuylkill, Carbon and Lehigh counties. Police said they were organized.

"One of the persons involved was a garbage man so he would drive around houses that didn't have garbage out for a while," said Officer Corey Herring of Rush Township Police. "Another one was a newspaper delivery person so they would know which houses got mail."

Two of the properties are along Route 309 in Hometown.

"Most of the homes were unoccupied. They were up for sale so the time between them actually making entry and someone noticing was a little bit of a time lapse there," Officer Herring said.

Kelly Miller of New Ringgold just moved into a new house that was empty for a year before she moved in.

"Right before Christmas the house was vandalized. All the copper piping was taken out," Miller said. "When I signed a lease the landlord had to replace the heating system before I could move in with my children."

When Miller found out the people accused were supporting a drug habit, she was even more concerned.

"I feel there is a drug problem in this area. I have a teenaged daughter and a pre-teen son and I worry about them," Miller said.

If you believe you have been targeted, call Rush Township Police at 570-668-4242.