Flood-damaged Diner Reopens

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One of the hardest hit areas in Luzerne County during the September floods was Plains Township.

Tuesday a diner reopened for the first time since the water reached six feet inside the place.

Andy Hornick can't stop smiling, even as he recounts the September floods to his customers. He and his son have run Andy's River Road Diner in Plains Township since 1989.

Six months ago the Susquehanna River decimated that part of Plains Township, destroying homes and businesses.

"I never thought never as high as he is, never thought he'd get water in here and it's great to be back and it's so remodeled. Andy still has a spark," said Carol Cierniakoski of Wilkes-Bare.

Ted Madjeski brought his wife, Meghan, and son, Teddy the fourth, out to see the newly-remodeled diner.

"It's great just to drive past and see that open sign in the window. It brings back a lot of hope," Madjeski said.

The Susquehanna River is about 300 yards across the street. The owners said their diner never took on water before. When they returned after the flood they were shocked to see it had come in up to six feet in some spots.

"It was devastating. Something you worked your entire life for and you come in here and you see it pummeled by nature, really. It's been a long six months now recovery and we're happy to see our friends, family and customers," the younger Hornick said.

Everything had to be replaced, from the dining room to the kitchen.

Hornick said he is glad to be again serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to the loyal customers who have stuck with him for the last 23 years.