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Potholes, Plentiful and Costly

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It is a bumpy ride on many of our highways.

Potholes have sprung up just about everywhere and PennDOT said it's because of the mild winter.

It seems just about every year, when winter begins to fade and spring's just around the corner, the highways of Pennsylvania remind motorists of the changing seasons.

Potholes can become an expensive problem.

"You gotta maneuver your car every way possible to try and avoid them or they will do some real good damage to your car," said Jim Collura of Exeter.

According to PennDOT, the mild winter has actually led to more potholes this year because of the rainy weather and the constant cycle of freezing and thawing temperatures.

"It can go from $100 to $1,000, just the rim itself, and plus you have to buy another tire because you need another tire," mechanic Alex Mendez. He works at Borino Tire and Auto in Pittston Township. He said the place is handling about one customer a day who had damage caused by a pothole. "I would you suggest you pull over and take a look at the tire to see if it's low. If it's low, put the spare tire on right away."

When you hit a pothole you can bend your rim which can cause a bubble on your tire, which can then burst. Mechanics said that could only be the beginning of your problems.

"The bearing itself tallying another $200 plus pars plus the installment of the part. You have to do the alignment also," Mendez added.

PennDOT said crews will be out by the end of the month tackling potholes using the hot asphalt.

Until then they will use a temporary cold patch solution.