People Upset About Vandalism in Bloomsburg

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People in one part of Bloomsburg say they are fed up with cleaning up vandalism.

Some people who live on Country Club Drive said they believe college students are to blame for repeatedly damaging their mailboxes.

Kim Shetler lives on what she calls a usually quiet street in Bloomsburg, but on weekends, it's a different story. She said college students are smashing mailboxes along Country Club Drive almost every week.

"Last weekend we had a mailbox that made it almost halfway up the block with mail strewn all over the street," said Kim Shetler of Bloomsburg.

Shetler's neighbor, Paul Conard, tied bungee cords around his mailbox.

"Some of them they tear off the top, some they smash in, they tear the doors off. They clobbered mine with a stick," said Conard.

Both Conard and Shetler live on Country Club Drive. Bloomsburg University students live in housing complexes on either side of the road. Shetler and her husband said they have seen students acting inappropriately in their neighborhood.

"Everything from littering to public urination to people trespassing between properties and leaving garbage behind," said Shetler.

Some of the people who live on the street said they would like to see other officers in the area.

Bloomsburg Police Chief Sokoloski said he has added more patrols to that part of town.

"We are visible. We are in the area. It's a residential area, a nice neighborhood. This has plagued us since the beginning of the semester," said Chief Sokoloski.

He added a Bloomsburg University student was arrested a few weeks ago for vandalism in that area.

A representative for the university said the university police are also patrolling the area and will continue to do so.