PennDOT Project Will Affect O’Neill Highway Drivers

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Herman Schaeffer's early morning drives between Clarks Summit and Dunmore for his business will become more complicated this week because of a PennDOT project along the O'Neill Highway.

"I think it's kind of terrible because in the morning when I make my deliveries and have to come back and get more, I won't be able to do it," said Schaeffer.

That's because of a PennDOT project on three I-81 ramps.

Drivers won't be completely cut off, but will have to detour. PennDOT crews will be working on three ramps that connect Interstate 81 with the O'Neill Highway in the borough of Dunmore.

When the ramps are closed, drivers coming from the center of Dunmore will not be able to get onto Interstate 81 north or south.

Also, drivers on I-81 South will not be able to use the exit near the Dunmore Cemetery to get on the O'Neill Highway.

PennDOT officials said because this is such a busy access to Interstate 81, the ramps are in need of repair. They said the work could take up to three weeks.

"We're doing some ramp repairs right there, there's some concrete work, we found that there are some cracks in the concrete and we're bringing a contractor to do all of the work at once on all three ramps," said PennDOT spokesperson James May.

The work will only affect night time or early morning drivers. The ramps are scheduled to close from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday. PennDOT officials said you will notice a much smoother ride when the work's done. But, drivers are still put off by the detours.

"Well, who cares if it's not level, people need to get to work and everything, so, I think it's going to be awful for a lot of people," said Kathy Scoblick of Archbald.

"It will confuse a lot of people, until they get used to it, but they're gonna be mad," added Tony Cerminaro of Jermyn.