Diner Rolls Back Breakfast Prices to 1962

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A diner in Luzerne County was a hopping place Monday morning after owners cut prices on the menu to match those from 1962.

Happy birthday Lenny Krappa, owner of the Avenue Diner in Wyoming. In honor of his 50th birthday, he rolled back prices on his breakfast menu to what they would have been in 1962.

Hundreds of customers took advantage of the morning menu that included cups of ten cent coffee.

"Wait until the waitress sees her tip. Twenty percent of all this, that's only 60 cents," said Jack Evans of Kingston.

He and his wife, Carol, loaded up on the discounted breakfast.

"Fantastic! Like, I remember these prices so it's like we are back again. Now if only the gas would come down again to 19 cents ,then we would be set," said Carol Evans.

Pancakes were only 40 cents, omelets 85 cents, and two eggs and bacon, just 85 cents.

"I thought it was a good idea. I guess the people thought it was a great idea. I don`t think it's such a good idea right now," joked diner owner Krappa.

On a more serious note, the birthday boy said he hopes this special morning helps the people of the Wyoming Valley who have been through so much.

"The area's been hit really hard with the flood and everything else and as a business owner you should give something back and that's what we have done here now," added Krappa.