Break-in Leads to Standoff in Lycoming County

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A man is behind bars in Lycoming County after police said he broke into a home in Williamsport and threatened to kill someone.

Police said David Geiger, 27, of New Castle broke into the home on South Reach Road in Williamsport just before 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The building is home to RPA Incorporated, an executive recruiting firm. Lester Davis lives there full time as the property's caretaker, and he said the intruder wasn't alone.

“I started to grab that chair because I was going to wrap him over the head with it and he said: ‘get him, get him.’ I thought he was sticking his dog on me. So I ran upstairs, and I went out that door,” said Davis

Police said Geiger broke into the property with his dog, and when cops arrived on scene Saturday night, they ended up using a stun gun on the animal to get it under control.

Police also said Geiger engaged in a standoff, refusing to come out of the house, while yelling threats such as, "I'm going to have to start killing people."

Davis said Geiger got inside the building by breaking through a window in the garage which is attached to the house.

“He cleaned up a lot of the girls TV dinners, two of mine, he drank all of the other guy's sodas. I don't know how long he had been there,” said Davis.

Davis also said when he confronted Geiger in the kitchen, he pulled out butcher knives, but Davis said, it wasn't the knives that he was concerned with.

“I wasn't worried about him. It was the dog. You can deal with a person, but a dog man, they can tear you up real quick!” said Davis.

Police said Geiger is locked up in the Lycoming County jail awaiting a preliminary hearing.

Meantime Mr. Davis said he's considering buying a watch dog of his own.