New Goodwill Store Opens

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A new business held its grand opening Saturday morning in one part of Lackawanna County. It is the type of store that can really help out in today's tough economy.

It was a sea of bargain hunters in Lackawanna County for the grand opening of the new Goodwill store along Route 6 in Dickson City, and the shoppers knew exactly what they were looking for.

"I think it's fantastic. It's an oasis away from the business of the main stores," said Jerry Scoblick of Archbald.

Jerry Langan is the president of Goodwill of Northeastern Pennsylvania. He said a lot of planning went into the Dickson City store before opening day.

"We do a lot of preliminary studies to make sure this is a good location. You can see this is a very visible, beautiful and busy highway," Langan said.

For grand opening day, the new Goodwill store in Dickson City was off to a very good start. It was hard to find an open spot in the parking lot.

Shoppers said it is the economy that makes store like Goodwill so popular.

"You have an awful lot of people here today just trying to see, because of the economy, I suppose, trying to buy whatever they can," Scoblick added.

"It offers the shopper a tremendous opportunity. We have everything from soup to, I like to say, we have dishes, clothes, kids clothes, housewares, domestics, furniture. So we have everything for sale in there," Langan added.

Goodwill not only helps out those looking to find a good deal, it's also beneficial for those who are getting rid of old or unwanted items.

Goodwill said all donations are tax deductible.