Your Chance to Work at Knoebels

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Some people in Northumberland County are already thinking about summer.

Knoebels Amusement Resort is looking for workers.

The games are quiet and the rides are turned off at Knoebels in Elysburg.  The park opens for the season in less than two months.  That doesn't leave much time to staff the amusement park.  That's why Knoebels is holding its eighth annual job fair this weekend."It's a chance for people to come and in one place talk to various managers, see what's involved with the jobs, apply and schedule an interview," said Joe Muscato of Knoebels.

The amusement park employees were setting up for Saturday's job fair, which will be held at the Elysburg Fire Company.

John Jones works in human resources.  He said the job fair is Knoebels' first big event of the year.

"We really recruit most of our seasonal employees at this job fair, although we will hire throughout the summer as we see the need," said John Jones of Knoebels.

The park employs around 1,600 people each season.  Those in charge said they hope to hire at least 400 to 600 people at the job fair.  Those people will be lifeguards, entertainers, they will serve food, and control the rides and games.

"We get a lot of high school students, even some college students and a lot of adults," said Jones.

He added more than 1,000 people came to last year's job fair.  Muscato said those who get hired get free admission to other Pennsylvania amusement parks.

"The economy is still on shaky ground and these are people that need employment.  Hopefully we can help get them through this.  For the most part it's seasonal and hopefully we can help bridge the gap until that next thing for them," added Muscato.

The job fair is Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  at the Elysburg Fire Company.

Knoebels opens on April 28.