Train Station Returns to Turbotville

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A piece of history is back in Northumberland County.

Volunteers in Turbotville are restoring the former Turbotville train station after almost five decades.

The Turbotville train station dates back to the 19th century, but in 1964 it was donated to a man in Bloomsburg and the station was moved.

Thanks to volunteers in Turbotville the historic train station is back in Northumberland County where it was built more than 125 years ago.

Volunteers spent the day Friday putting a roof on the building. The Turbotville train station was built in 1886.

The building was moved to Bloomsburg in the 1960s.  The sesquicentennial committee in Turbotville raised money to buy back the train station.

"So that's what we decided to do, bring it back and give it back to the community and put it here on the community grounds for everyone to enjoy," said Michael Sechler of the Turbotville Borough Heritage Society.

He added the train station is the original one from 1886 and will be touched up with a few coats of pain.

Volunteers moved the building in pieces from Bloomsburg to Turbotville in December. Over the last few weeks it was put back together.

There won't be any trains coming in and out of the train station anymore.  Instead, members of the group said they plan on building a freight dock on the front of the building to be used as a stage for community events.

"Give it back to the community. Let the community enjoy it and give it a sense of purpose rather than it just sitting there for people to look at," Sechler added.

He said the project cost $15,000, but countless volunteers, like Wayne Weaver of Turbotville, have been helping out.

"I'm just very interested in trains for one thing. I'm anxious to see the station come back to Turbotville and look the way it used to look," Weaver said.

Sechler added he expects the train station to be finished by spring.