Cleaning Up a Vandal’s Work

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Volunteers came together Friday in Schuylkill County to clean a mess vandals left behind.

It took a lot to get rid of the graffiti that was spray-painted on some of the walls of the YMCA in Tamaqua.

A group of volunteers armed with paint, gloves and some elbow grease got right to work. Their job was to paint over the graffiti which was all over the place in the rear of the YMCA in Tamaqua. Some of the graffiti took some time to paint.

“Try not to do it on property, try it somewhere else, like a wall in their house, the basement, so a design or something instead of public property,” said volunteer Laurie Campomizzi.

“They obviously have talent. It’s too bad they can’t put it to better use,” said volunteer Gary Wetterau. “There are some talented people, they can do some stuff but why ruin things for people when you can create something, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Everybody in the area wants jobs and better jobs and more work and when you have out of town investors like we have here, nobody wants to make improvements if someone destroys it,” said property manager Nick Boyle.

Tamaqua police are investigating and a $250 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.