Cardboard Covers Jack Frost Ski Area

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A massive crowd covered one ski area in the Poconos and it didn't have much to do with skiing or snowboarding.

The annual Cardboard Classic took place Friday, where creativity meets cardboard.  Thousands came to witness the annual event, where participants create sleds out of cardboard and compete to see who is the most creative or goes down the ski area's snow tube hill the fastest.

More than 3,500 people attended the event at Jack Frost Ski Area near Lake Harmony. The resort is thankful for the huge turnout, especially after a difficult season.

"It's a good thing. It brings business to the whole area, not just Jack Frost Big Boulder, but also restaurants and hotels," said Heather Schiffbauer of Jack Frost Big Boulder.

The Cardboard Classic is a yearly event held at Jack Frost Ski Area and hosted by Philadelphia-based radio station WMMR.

Each year the cardboard creativity seems to grow.

"It's a tiki bar," said Daniel Gensbauer of Churchville.

"It's Rocky on top of the art museum with a working fountain, everything on it.  I took about two months," said Chris Mallon of Philadelphia.

"All cardboard, everything is totally cardboard. Paper, glue, rope, everything we're allowed to use. No nails, plastic or wood," added Gensbauer.

One of the most exciting parts about the Cardboard Classic is everyone involved in making these cardboard creations will stay on the float while going down the snow tube hill.

"I have come here to witness the snow bound fiasco," said Zachary Zuggleheimens of Willow Grove.

"I want to see which ones make it, see which ones fall, which ones stay together and hopefully they don't hit me," said Kevin Spearing of Willow Grove.