Woman Guilty of Theft

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A judge in Lycoming County found a woman guilty Thursday morning of stealing from her employer's client.

Deborah McKissick of Williamsport was arrested in 2010 on theft charges. Prosecutors said she stole nearly $20,000 from clients while she worked as a paralegal in the law office of Elliott Weiss in Williamsport.

The widow lost her husband then the thousands of dollars he saved to help her if something happened to him.

Silvya Greenabaum wore a pin with a photo of her husband Carl, the man who for more than forty years put money aside for her.

"Never took a vacation day, always said this money goes into the bank if something ever happens to me there's something for you to fall back on, now it's gone the saddest part," she said.

Greenbaum's son, Patrick, has been by her side ever since McKissick stole the hard-earned money to pay off her own credit card bills.

"We'd gone through the loss of my father then this low life steals all my mom's money from her accounts. It was just terrible," said Patrick Greenabaum.

During the brief trial, McKissick admitted stealing the money but said she did not steal Greenabaum's identity.

The judge disagreed and found McKissick guilty on all counts. It was the outcome the Greenabaum family had been waiting for since the arrest in 2010.

"It's been almost two years. This person does not have a heart, keeps going on and on and on. Glad justice has been served today," said Silvya Greenabaum.

Deborah McKissick is scheduled to be sentenced in June and prosecutors said she could spend at least four years behind bars.

She is also still facing two other theft cases in Lycoming County and was sentenced to prison for stealing in Snyder County.

McKissick is free on bail.