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Searching for Missing Man in Schuylkill County

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A family in Schuylkill County is searching for a relative who disappeared three weeks ago.

Jessica Reinhard is James Harig's sister. She said the emotion is intense, the concern is real, the fear unnerving.

"We're really scared, we're really scared. I do, I do love him. We just lost our father last year and I don't want to lose a brother," Reinhard said.

Family, friends and first responders are searching Sharp Mountain near Pottsville for 26- year-old Harig.

His mother, Bernadette Harig, said her son  was last seen several weeks ago.

"He was with two friends and said this looks like a good place to get lost and he walked off into the woods and we haven't seen him since," Bernadette Harig said.

Linda Fanelli, Harig's aunt, helped in the search. "I actually pray that I don't find him, that he is at someone's house and we haven't heard for him in a while,"Fanelli said.

The family's concerns were posted on Facebook and that caused about 40 people to show up to search for Harig. The search did turn up a shirt that is maybe his.

Reinhard said she is holding out hope that her brother will be found "We're praying to God that`s he's still out there and we're going to find him alive," said Reinhard.

The search for now has been scaled back because of fog on Sharp Mountain. Officials fear fog will obscure visibility, and with all the mine holes and possible subsidences  they are afraid someone will get hurt.