Prosecutors: Sandusky’s Alleged Victims Assaulted on Campus

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We've known all along that prosecutors believe Jerry Sandusky sexually abused some of his underage victims in the Penn State football team's locker room.

Court papers just released show just how many boys were allegedly victimized by the former assistant football coach right on the Penn State campus.

The court papers outline specific dates and locations of Jerry Sandusky's alleged assaults against 10 boys.

According to prosecutors, eight of the 10 boys who were alleged victims were sexually assaulted by Sandusky right on the campus of Penn State.

Alleged victim number four, prosecutors said Sandusky assaulted him in various dormitories, the showers in the football building, and on Penn State bowl game road trips to Florida and Texas beginning when the boy was 12.

Alleged victim number 10 allegedly assaulted by Sandusky in the outdoor pool in University Park, as well as in Sandusky's car beginning when the boy was 10.

Alleged victim number two the boy who was allegedly spotted by then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary being assaulted in the locker room showers.

That boy has never been identified.

Prosecutors allege Sandusky also frequently targeted his victims right inside his own home in State College. Prosecutors go on to say Sandusky was fond of the various shower facilities on Penn State's campus. Seven of the 10 alleged victims were assaulted there according to authorities, including victim number five, the youngest, who was just eight years old.

The court papers do not say how many of the alleged victims will appear as witnesses against Sandusky, when his trial begins in the Spring.

Sandusky's attorneys wanted the trial moved back to July.

The judge turned them down so the case is set to go to Centre County court on May 14.

Jerry Sandusky remains on house arrest at his home in State College.