Vandalism at Tamaqua YMCA

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A senseless act. That's what a non-profit group in Schuylkill County is calling vandalism that showed up on the YMCA in Tamaqua.

Some members at the "Y" were not aware of the vandalism because it is on the rear of the building. It seems no matter where you look you can see the names and designs made by someone armed with several cans of spray paint.

"Y" members and officials called it a senseless crime.

"I think it's pretty sad that there are people that were that bored and they find joy in ruining other people's property," said Nick Zigmant.

"It's a shame. It's a good place to come to and they do a lot for the community and you got to wonder what goes through these kids' heads these days. Don't go out and deface, it come out and do something for them. Come out and play basketball or something you know," said George Huynh of Coaldale.

Whoever is responsible for the graffiti took a chance with their own safety. Some of the graffiti is up on the roof and they had to climb to get there.

"They're pretty determined to do what they want to do. I think we have to take some steps to prevent that from happening in the future, to take a look around the building to see to hide some of the ways to get up on the roof to make it a little safer for everyone," Zigmant added.

Tamaqua Crime Watch has put up a $250 reward to find and convict the person or persons responsible.

"The first person with a court used statement that leads to arrest and conviction of anyone involved and when you call the police I will know and we will get a hold of you," said Andy Leibenguth of Tamaqua Crime Watch.

Officials said their next step is the clean off the mess left by the vandals.