Snow Brings Smiles to Wayne County

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Some people in the Poconos spent this leap day dealing with snow.

The snow fell all morning long throughout Wayne County. In total nearly two inches of snow covered several areas.

In Waymart, Dennis Boguski was hard at work plowing the parking lot of the Shur Save Grocery Store with a huge smile on his face because this plow assignment is putting some money in his pocket.

"Me and a friend have a little business together. We plow about six lots here in Waymart," said Boguski.

Another group of workers in Honesdale  also praised the snowfall. The more snow, the more work, the more pay.

"It's a good thing.  It generates revenue.  We got guys plowing, we got guys shoveling," said Al Pike of Pioneer Construction.

The shoveling doesn't stop with that crew but continues with the owner of Tye Dye Cafe in Downtown Honesdale.

"Shoveling the sidewalk so people can come in and get some fresh coffee and tea and hot chocolate. I don't want them slipping before they get in," said Cindy Blair.

"I think it's winter, I think it's okay. I think the roads could be a little better, but we made it, that's what's good," said Maureen Bunting of Waymart.

"It's winter, get over it. It's part of life, you have to learn to drive in this type of weather," said Debbie Gillette of Waymart.