Family Loses Everything in Fire

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A community in Luzerne County is coming together to help a family who lost everything in a fire.

The Wolf family home near Shickshinny was destroyed Tuesday night. The flames could be seen for miles.

The house still smolders more than 12 hours after the fire was put out. Four members of the family escaped safely, including two children, ages three and five.

Neighbor Bill Evans said he knew something was wrong. "Just a lot of ambulances and a lot of fire trucks going by and I looked over the old schoolhouse and saw the black flames going up and I knew about where it was knowing the country well," Evans said.

It was a hot fire. The plastic on a car was melted. The landlord said the family moved in about two weeks ago.

Angela Gryziec visited the post office and heard of the family's plight. "I will definitely said a prayer for them and help them get things that they might have lost in the fire," Gryziec said.

Holly Kishbaugh works at the post office. She said she got special permission from the postal service to use the location as a drop off to help the Wolf family.

"Toiletry items. The family is going to need everything. If you look at their house, there is really nothing left.  Small children involved no longer have the simple things, car seats and pajamas for the children," Kishbaugh said.

Matt Wolf works in a blue grass band and lost all his musical instruments.

Evans said he feels sorry for the father. "I felt especially bad when I saw his mandolin had burned up and his banjo. I knew he was one of us country guys like the rest of us," Evans added.

Neighbors hope the community responds by dropping off donations at the post office or the New Columbus Academy in Huntington Mills.