Bridge Project Closes Busy Road

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The wet weather did not delay the start of a project on one of the busiest roads in Luzerne County.

Route 309 in the Back Mountain was shut down for a bridge project from 7 p.m. Wednesday until Thursday morning. It will also likely be closing overnights for the next two weeks while the crews work to repair this bridge.

The bridge carries Overbrook Road over busy Route 309.

It is the main road linking Wilkes-Barre and Dallas.

Workers were busy cutting away concrete on the bridge that takes Overbrook Road over Route 309 near Dallas.

PennDOT said the project comes after parts of loose concrete came crashing down a few days earlier.

About 25,000 vehicles pass underneath the bridge each day.

To keep any more chunks from falling, PennDOT closed 309 and detoured traffic to do its work.

“I'm hoping it doesn't deter people from coming out,” said Connor’s Grillroom Server, Danielle Sabol.

Connor’s Grillroom is right along the closed stretch of Route 309.

“Seven o'clock to 8:30 or 9 is our busiest times. People are coming home from work, passing by. That's usually our busiest time. Tonight that's obviously not the case," Said Sabol.

“It’s going to be dead,” said one of the few customers at Curry Donuts. It's open 24 hours but there's no traffic passing by on nights now.

“At night it gets quite busy. The young people come in, they like the coffee, they like their friends," said Lynn Kerneg about Curry Donuts.

While the work is underway and the road is closed, the businesses want people to know they're open and hope that this work doesn't take too long.

“We're hoping they find a way. They like the coffee. They like their friends,” said Kerneg.