A Snowy Leap Day

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It certainly was a messy February 29.

Many across the area saw mostly rain, but in other spots, it was snow most of the day, including Susquehanna County where at least one serious crash shut down part of Interstate 81.

State police said snow-covered roads caused a driver of an SUV to lose control, sending the vehicle and a tractor-trailer hauling part of a wind turbine over a steep embankment neat Lenox.

Investigators said the SUV rolled several times. The trailer hauling the wind turbine landed on top of it.

Rescue workers had to use ropes to access the crash and remove a couple from New York who were in their 60s from the SUV.

The couple and the driver of the truck from Wisconsin were taken to the hospital with what police describe as major injuries.

In another part of the county the snow accumulation wasn't as dangerous but kept Rodolfo Scarfalloto busy plowing the Lake Montrose Mall parking lot.

His daughter tagged along after the snow canceled classes in the area.

In Montrose Borough Bernie Zalewski, the Montrose EMA director, tackled church sidewalks with a somewhat unusual contraption.

"This is my own invention that I created. It's essentially a stroller with a little plow on the front and it makes my work a lot easier and it saves my back too," Zalewski explained.

The Montrose area got about three to four inches of snow, and while people are out clearing it, they said they are thankful this winter wasn't worse.

"Essentially we've had a Florida winter here. It hasn't been that bad here. We`re getting more snow right now within, I'd say, the last two weeks than we've had in three months," Zalewski added.

"It`s February so we just deal with it right?" Ron Craige said. That's his motto. He cleared walkways by hand, enjoying the little bit of winter that finally hit. "This is the kind of winter I like. I've shoveled this a very little bit this year, so it's all good."