Uniforms Possible for Scranton High School Students

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High school students in the Scranton School District may be wearing uniforms come the next school year.

The school board discussed the possibility of uniforms at a work session Monday night.

The idea of even more rules is not sitting well with some students who said the current dress code is just fine.

"They just don`t look nice, they`re boring. This is just more free, cause you get your own logo on it, less rules with it," said sophomore Robert Hoffman.

Scranton high school students currently have to wear khakis or dark pants and collared shirts, no jeans or t-shirts.

"They`re going to make it more strict and I personally don`t care, cause I`m just going to school, but I know a lot of the kids don`t like the idea of it and they proabaly won`t follow the school code," said sophomore Anna Odland.

Scranton Superintendent Bill King said there has been an increase in detentions due to students not following the dress code.  He said uniforms would make the rules more clear.

Students in kindergarten thru eighth grade already wear uniforms; khaki or dark pants and polos or shirts with the Scranton School District logo.

High school uniforms could be similar, said King.

Junior Darnell Hazelton said she would be okay with the uniforms, "cause it`s cool, logos are."

Parent Michele Culver said, for her, uniforms would not change much, money-wise.

"I think it doesn`t really make a difference. I like the uniforms, my son practically wears one now as it is, so if they decide to go full force with the uniforms, I think it`s great," said Michele Culver of Scranton.

King said he will draft a resolution for the board to decide whether or not to move forward with the uniform discussion.

If the board ultimately votes for uniforms, King said the goal would be to have the policy in place for the start of school in September.