Police Say Grandson Had Dead Grandparents’ Car

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An autopsy Monday on the couple found dead in their home in Carbon County Saturday reveals they were beaten and stabbed to death.

That night their grandson was found in the couple's Cadillac outside Shamokin, but he killed himself after a police chase.

The Carbon County coroner said Mildred Carnochan and her husband, John, were beaten and stabbed to death.

Court papers state the victims' house was ransacked when police arrived over the weekend. John Carnochan's body was found in the living room. His wife's body was found in the kitchen. Outside of the home are flowers apparently placed there by friends.

Mildred Carnochan's nickname was Babe. Vic Paul remembers her as someone who was involved in charities and an avid golfer.

"Babe played on the women`s league and my wife was not a member of the woman`s league and she played every Wednesday, I believe it was," Paul said.

John Carnochan's career was the Air Force. After retiring he made Lake Harmony his home.

The victims' family confirmed that the victim's grandson is responsible for their deaths.

Some people find all of this hard to believe.

"My first thought was, 'Oh my God someone has committed a murder in Split Rock.' We never heard that before and we were scared and we have an alarm system. We don't use it that much but we're going to be using it from now on," Vic Paul added.

Kathleen Cothien, another Lake Harmony resident, said the double murders has shaken the community. "It's definately scary. It's just like it's hard to take in and it's traumatic. It's hard for young people to deal with stuff like that. It's a different feeling," Cothien said.

Court records show the victim's grandson, Greg Demage, had a problem drugs and violence. Last year he was arrested in his Jim Thorpe home for threatening to kill his wife with a knife. While being arraigned on those charges police investigators said they found a syringe. Demage admitted it belonged to him.

Investigators believed he was responsible for his grandparents' deaths. Police said they spotted him near Shamokin driving his grandparents' car. After a high speed chase he shot himself while authorities tried to talk him out.