Marywood’s Radio Station in the Top Ten?

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Marywood University's student radio station is in the running to win the MTVU Woody Award, an award given to the top student-run college radio station in the country.

With just minutes to spare, senior Christian Wagner tried to get listeners to vote on Monday so Marywood University`s student-run station, 91.7 FM, could win a big award.

"So you guys have about 24 minutes left to go online to the MTVU College Woody Awards to vote for us to be in the top 10, to be the best college radio station in the Atlantic," said Wagner, as he did a radio cut-in.

Marywood`s VMFM radio station in Lackawanna County was nominated a few weeks back to be placed in the top 25 of the nation's best student-run radio stations.

Senior Justin Troutman manages the radio station and said Marywood has some tough competition in the race to make the top 10.

"Last week we got notified that we were in the top 25 as the complete underdogs against pretty much some of the biggest state colleges in the country. We`re the smallest and probably only private university on the list right now," said Troutman.

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