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Tire Recycling Event

Home and Backyard Expo


Fact Sheet


            We’ve all seen the pictures of tires thrown into creeks and down embankments.  WNEP wants to discard tires in a much more eco-friendly way… giving the components a second life. 

WNEP-TV is conducting a Consumer Tire Recycling Event in conjunction with WNEP’s Power To Save and the help of Jack Williams Tire and Auto Centers.


** WNEP-TV must approve all plans for this project. **



  • Tire Recycling Hours:
    • Friday:  March 16th:  1pm – 6:00pm
    • Saturday:  March 17th:  Noon – 6:00pm
    • Sunday, March 18th:  Noon – 4:00pm
  • Location: 
    • Wyoming Valley Mall Parking Lot.  Tentative:  between Sears and the rear of Long John Silvers and Lone Star Steakhouse.
  • What is being recycled and accepted?
    • Car and light truck tires.
    • Please contact _______________ for large vehicle tires BEFORE event to see if tires qualify or special arraignments need to be made.
    • There is a limit of (6) tires per drop-off vehicle.
  • Cost: 
    • Absolutely FREE!!!!
  • Who is eligible to participate?
    • Residents of WNEP-TV’s viewing area – northeastern and central Pennsylvania.
    • Residential and Business recycling is welcomed.  Please be aware of the (6) tire limit.
  • Handout or tire pressure check… Jack Williams provides handouts that includes WNEP-TV logo and/or offers immediate tire pressure test to donors.
  • (Do we need a collector and recycler to run this?  We want to be sure tires are reused!!  We want to visit them and do a story on how the tires are torn down and what they are repurposed for)  Jack Williams  or Tire Recycling Company doing the recycling, covering all expenses of collection and redistribution: 
    • (ie:  ECO International with headquarters in Vestal, NY – these are our electronic recyclers).  This company handles the electronic recycling for many Pennsylvania counties as well as locations across the US.
  • (This needs to be precisely worked out, with cones, signs, workers, tractor trailers, fork lifts.  This needs to remain clean looking and efficient.  We want it clean and secure when not in operation.  It will easily take at least 10 people to make this work efficiently – temp service?)  How does it work?
    • Cars will be directed out of the traffic flow and into lines for collection. 
    • Viewers don’t need to get out of their cars or trucks, simply open the trunk or car door and collection workers will take care of the rest
    • Tractor-trailers will be loaded on site to be transported to a processing center
  • What happens to my tires next?
    • Tune in to WNEP-TV’s Power To Save Special for a look at the process:
      • Tires are ground up for use in many applications.
  • Jack Williams covers all expenses for collection at and transportation away from site:  including personnel manning collection, any ‘constable’ requirements.
  • WNEP-TV will provide extensive promotion of event and include Jack Williams logo on air and on wnep.com.  A story about the recycling project will be featured in Home and Backyard and Power to Save specials originating from the Expo.



Thank you for using your:


Contact:  Bill Schultz  (570) 346-7474  x-2306