Man Charged with Hitting, Killing Pedestrians

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A man is locked up after an early morning crash in Susquehanna County killed two pedestrians.

Brett Bennett, 40, of Kingsley, is in the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility, charged with homicide by vehicle while DUI and more.

Investigators said Bennett was behind the wheel of a vehicle that hit and killed two pedestrians on Route 11 in New Milford just before 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

State police said Edward Turner III and Brian Thomas, both of New Milford, died at the scene.

"We knew it was in New Milford. We didn't know it was in front of our property until we got to work and the road was still closed," said Barbara Stone.

Barbara Stone is one of the owners of New Milford Hardware. She was shocked to hear news of the crash.

"There`s not what I would call a lot of foot traffic, but from time to time, you`ll see people walking by," said Stone. "It`s very lightly traveled at night. We have security cameras that go 24 hours a day and there was very little traffic last night."

Those who live and work in the area of the crash said the stretch of road is not normally that dangerous.

"I've been living here a long time. I don`t think it`s a dangerous stretch. Never seen anything like that before," said Peter Moxen of New Milford Township. "Oh, yeah, it`s really bad. You don`t want to see anybody die."

Peter Moxen said the deadly crash is just the latest tragedy to hit the New Milford area.

"It`s terrible and right after the one guy from New Milford was shot up in Great Bend. He was a New Milford resident too," added Moxen.

Stone knows the families of the three men involved in the crash. She said it is a tough situation.

"Deeply saddened. It`s a small community. My heart goes out to the families of all three, the driver and the victims. It`s very sad," added Stone.

Stone said her store's surveillance cameras did record the crash. That video has been turned over to investigators.

State police have not yet released more details surrounding the crash or why the two men were along the road.