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Waking Up to Winter

After the 50 degree temperatures we had earlier this week, it was quite a surprise Friday morning when some people in our area woke up to more than six inches of snow.

Shoveling was the activity of the day in Wayne County. Many people woke up to more snow than they expected and got right to work shoveling their driveways.

Earl Riesler started shoveling his driveway in Honesdale early and said it’s no big deal to him, he’s used to shoveling piles of snow.

“Oh god no, no no. I do this here. This will take me 15 to 20 minutes at that,” said Riesler.

Next door neighbor David Mitchell is happy to finally have snow and said now it finally feels like winter.

“It’s part of the season, you get snow , you enjoy it, but then you also have to work at it, shovel, make a snowman, play in it, all that types of stuff,” said Mitchell.

Even though some children finally got a snow day, they were put right to work shoveling their long driveway and porch steps.

Kyler and Andy Gunusky weren’t too worried. They were looking forward to playing in the snow with their dad.

“I like, to like play in the snow, and when my dad comes home we usually have snowball fights and play with each other and it`s fun,” said Andy Gunusky.

Down the road on Ridge Street in Honesdale William White helping his neighbors. He said three inches of snow isn’t hard to take after a mild winter.

“Oh no, it’s not too bad. We enjoy it. It keeps the heating bills down and everything so we enjoy it though,” said White.

While some people are happy to see this snowfall for this winter, others are happy to see it go. The good news for them is, next week temperatures should be around 50 degrees.

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